Q: How common are birth defects?

A:  Human development is amazingly complex and also occurs in an amazing short period of time. Most organs develop over a period of about 4 weeks. Fortunately, development is normal in the vast majority of cases. However, some form of problem or birth defect occurs 2-3% of all pregnancies. Some birth defects are minor, and some are major or life threatening.

Q: Why do birth defects occur?

A: When parents are confronted with a known or suspected birth defect, they naturally want to know why.   Unfortunately, we have no real control over birth defects. They are typically occur by chance and regardless of maternal age, prior history, family history, or lifestyle. The best explanation is that birth defects simply reflect the complexity of human development and the fact that it doesn’t always happen perfectly.     When birth defects are detected or suspected, the first step is getting great information.  As you probably know, the best results in any field come from specialists and subspecialists. We are a highly specialized group dedicated to prenatal diagnosed and directed by Dr. Nyberg, an international expert field the FWC offers the most accurate information available…anywhere. So, you are in the best hands whether your pregnancy is normal or less than perfect, at the Fetal & Women's Center.

Q: I’m not going to change what I do. Why would I want to know about birth defects?

A: Some will influence how you deliver, when you deliver, and where you deliver with the goal of optimizing the outcome for your baby.